Work at Bishop Ranch

As Bishop Ranch grows, walkable neighborhoods merge with the thriving job market of San Ramon Valley, creating a community that combines career opportunities with Valley living. Six distinct workplace neighborhoods inspire exceptional work and nearby restaurants complete the experience.

Workplaces at Bishop Ranch
BR-3 | In the center of Bishop Ranch, Sycamore easy access to the activity of City Center while being enveloped in old-growth trees.
BR-1 | Situated in a growing neighborhood featuring homes, parks, and shops, Orchards thrives alongside its community. 
BR 2600 | Lined by trails and surrounded by Annabel and Cecilia Lakes, Lakeside is well-suited for walking meetings and outdoor lunches.
Shepherd’s Glen
BR-15 | Alongside the Iron Horse Trail, Shepherd’s Glen feels like a retreat, with lush landscaping forming the ideal backdrop for outdoor areas.
BR-8 | Workplace at Canopy hosts an atmosphere of tranquility without compromising convenience.
Bishop Ranch Medical
Bishop Ranch Medical services its San Ramon community with a range of top practitioners and specialty providers.

Bishop Ranch at a Glance


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