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9 May 2017

City Center designed by world-famous architect kicks off construction in San Ramon

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15 February 2015

City Hall and 2600 Parking Structure Construction Cameras

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8 January 2015

2600 Central Plant

The Sunset led team that includes F.M. Booth, Olson Steel and Albanese has completed substantial work on the new central plant project for 2600. This project, designed by Salas O’Brian had the ambitious goal of a complete refresh of the mechanical system serving the 2 million foot property.

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8 December 2014

2600 Landscape Project

This project commenced in September and is primarily focused on rehabilitating the site’s thirteen acres of lakes, converting a substantial amount of turf to drought tolerant plantings, installing a recycled water system and establishing a more people friendly landscape environment with enhanced trails and seating areas.

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City Hall image 1

20 November 2014

City Hall

The San Ramon City Hall project has progressed well since the groundbreaking in September. The Sunset led team has prepared the site and is currently erecting the steel structure of the building.

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