Offering companies an unparalleled opportunity to lease up to 1,000,000 square feet of the Bay Area’s highest quality office space, 2600 is a beautiful next-generation workplace.

World-class construction services at Bishop Ranch in San Ramon

The New Workplace

A premier business workplace, 2600 is designed to accommodate modern office environments with its open floor-plates, density-ready features and rich amenities. Accommodating up to 750 employees per floor, 2600 provides space where workers and ideas can flow easily. The grounds offer miles of trails with lush landscaping, seating areas and a par course for recreation. The adjacent Round House Market and City Center provide shops, restaurants, a theater, and a world-class conference center.

2600 at Bishop Ranch


2600 utilizes architectural and environmental standards that convey an ethos of quality. Designed using the highest quality materials and construction, 2600 was carefully crafted and built to last. With an entirely new 3,000 ton central plant, a new parking structure, and creation of the Round House Market , which feature numerous chef-driven food concepts and a world-class conference center, 2600 meets today’s customer demands.

Office Space fo Rent in San Ramon, CA


It’s all about location. 2600 was built in the heart of Bishop Ranch, a location that has been home to America’s largest corporations for decades . It has over a mile of freeway frontage providing excellent accessibility and transit. And it’s in beautiful business-friendly San Ramon, one of the most highly coveted communities in the Bay Area for housing, schools, recreation and value.

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Town Hall at 2600 - Bishop Ranch


Breaks worth taking. 2600 offers office space that is between two of the best retail, restaurant and conference offerings in the region, the 2600 Round House Market and the planned Bishop Ranch City Center. Here tenants can shop to their hearts’ content, meet a business partner for drinks or dine at a cornucopia of food offerings.

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Office space with premier transportation options


Bike, bus, BART, shuttle or drive, commuters get to work quickly, easily and on time at 2600. A network provides employees with free bus passes and shuttle connections to the ACE train and BART. Access to luxury express shuttles, large vanpool fleets, rideshare programs, electric vehicle charging stations and over 100 ready-to-reserve shared bikes, make getting around work a breeze.

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Housing and Community at Bishop Ranch


San Ramon is safe, peaceful and prosperous. It provides numerous housing options, high quality schools and an abundance of recreation opportunities, including 65 regional parks that offer scenic hiking, biking, golfing, and equestrian trails.

2600 Bishop Ranch


2600’s offering delivers value to tenants by providing a transformative work environment promoting both employee and corporate performance. An urban-like environment in a location that provides value economically, physically and to the individual worker who is more efficient while at work and closer to home.

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