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The Scientific Pursuit of Happiness – FULL

Thursday, May 23
12:00pm - 1:00pm | Shasta Hall

Dr. John Schinnerer, Guide To Self – THIS EVENT IS AT FULL CAPACITY

Everyone wants to be happy. We take different paths – power, wealth, fame, serving others – but the goal is always happiness. Find out what science says about how to become sustainably happier. Happiness comes from getting relationships right in 4 areas
1. Your relationship with your self – learning tools to turn down the volume on negative thoughts and emotions and turn up the volume on the positive,
2. Your relationships with others – learning how to effectively communicate and be in fulfilling relationships,
3. Your relationship with work – find productive, effective and meaningful work and
4. Your relationship with something larger than yourself – religion, military, doctor with a mission.

Everyone wants well-being, but few know how to develop it.

This talk will share life-altering info on:

• Mindfulness
• Gratitude
• Self-compassion
• Forgiveness
• Quick tips on best relationship practices
• and the best way to respond to the good news of loved ones
Our minds are like velcro for negative things – emotions, thoughts, feedback from others. The negative sticks to us. On the other hand, the mind is like teflon for the positive. The positive simply slides right off. So it becomes critical to train our minds to manage the negative while turning up the volume on the positive.


Shasta Hall
2600 Camino Ramon
San Ramon, CA 94583

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