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Biz Tech Meet-Up

Time: 05:00 PM - 06:00 PM|Location: 2600 Camino Ramon, Crowley Conference Room

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The focus of the BizTech meetup is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning. It is open and free to AI enthusiasts, developers, and curious minds. In the monthly meetup, we will discuss how-to-train and AI system, and the social implication of using AI in our daily life, such as bias in data, the accuracy of prediction, and the reliance on AI in our modern society. There will be AI demo from the staff and participants. Along with the AI demo, the developers will be there to show you how to build or train your own AI system.

Furthermore, we have an arrangement with the top AI professor in the USA, Professor Jeremy Howard of University of San Francisco (USF), inventor of the Fast.ai platform, to use his course material and videos as the basis for how-to-build and how-to-train an AI system session.

The meetup will be at 5 PM to 6 PM on the first Wednesday of the month at BR2600, 2600 Camino Ramon.

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