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Apps at Bishop Ranch

There are a multitude of apps to help you get to and from Bishop Ranch, regardless of if it's by train, bus, bike or automobile. From scoring some wheels during the day to knowing if there is an accident ahead, we've got you covered.

The Best Apps For Bishop Ranch Employers & Employees

Waze Traffic AppWaze
A community based mapping, traffic, & navigation app. Use Waze to outsmart traffic, save time, gas money, and improve daily commuting.

Scoop – Scoop is the flexible, social, a safe way to share commutes. Scoop, a mobile app that’s revolutionizing carpooling, is now being launched at Bishop Ranch. The Scoop app is the modern solution to the age-old problem of carpooling. A trusted network: co-workers and neighbors, sharing their commutes. Works with different or changing schedules.

Transit AppTransit App
Know at a glance when your next train or bus is arriving. See exactly where your bus or train is on the map in real-time. Find scheduled departures and route itineraries even without an Internet connection. Star your favorite County Connection Express routes, bumping them to the top of the list. Plot routes on the map.

image009Social Bicycles
Bike everywhere in Bishop Ranch with our BRiteBikes program. Social Bicycles (SoBi)  & BRiteBikes have joined forces to build the first GPS-enabled suburban bike sharing system that works with regular bike racks. Bicycles are easy to find, reserve, ride, and return. They will change the way you get around.

Booster Fuel Get gas delivered while you work at Bishop Ranch. High-quality gas. Low, competitive prices.

Free same-day delivery—right to your parking spot.

Ride Systems – San Francisco Express Real Time Tracking
The Ride Systems app shows SV & SF Express bus riders where the bus is and when it will pick them up. It provides live location of buses, arrival predictions, and other important bus route information.

Chargepoint EV Charging Network:Chargepoint EV Charging Network
Find charging stations near you or near any specified address.Get directions to charging stations. See the real-time availability of charging stations.Start and stop charging sessions directly from your smart phone. Get status on your current or most recent charging session: energy used, greenhouse gas savings, time. Receive real-time notifications of your current charging session.

Lyft App LogoLyft
Instant pickup from a friendly, background-checked community driver.

On-demand private driver. Select San Francisco as your region. $2.20 Base Fare + .22 a minute + $1.30 per mile

Transit Apps

Real-time and scheduled transit trip planning on MUNI, BART, Caltrain and ferries, bike routing, and taxi information.

iCommute iCommute SF
Real-time arrival information for nearest transit stations.

Transit alerts when nearing your destination.

MuniAlertsMuni Alerts
San Francisco Muni bus and train schedules. Bookmark routes and stops. Arrival predictions down to the second. Arrival Alerts.

Free real-time traveler information delivered to your mobile phone or web browser. U.C. Berkeley researchers are seeking early adopters to test this app and help evaluate how real-time information can encourage and assist travelers in making better travel decisions.

railbandit RailBandit
Train schedules and service alerts.

Real-time transit information on buses, subway, trains, bikes, ferry and car2go combined with commentary about transit conditions from other riders.

routesy_000Routesy Bay Area
Real-time transit information for MUNI, BART, Caltrain and AC Transit.

Provides audio-visual alerts when nearing your destination.

Real-time public transit information. Access stops, routes and next bus or train times.

Personalized real-time public transit departures. Automatically saves most used routes and displays them on the front page.

Real-time transit trip planner that enables users to view upcoming stops and arrival times.

Real-time transit route tracking. Find bus and subway stops closest to you and get detailed schedule of  routes, maps and stop sequences.

Traffic Apps

beat-the-traffic-plusBeat the Traffic
Access incidents, traffic speeds, cameras and traffic forecasts.

BestParking_AppIconBest Parking: Locates and steers drivers towards the cheapest and most convenient parking garages and lots in 42 cities & 79 airports.

california-road-reportCalifornia Road Report
Check CalTrans road conditions, CHP incidents and find rest stops in California.

Caltrafficapp_000California Traffic Report

iPad App
Delivers commute times based on current traffic conditions, traffic speeds and congestions, and traffic maps based on data supplied by Caltrans.

gasbuddy_logo_000Gas Buddy
Helps you find the best fuel prices closest to your location — complete with maps and turn-by-turn  directions on how to get there.

Provides real time traffic alerts; traffic forecasting; accident, police and other event information, along your route.

parkcircaPark Circa
Assists neighbors with coordinating and sharing parking. List your own space while you aren’t using it, and park in another space while the owner is away.

Check parking availability and pricing information in San Francisco, by neighborhood or area.

Real-time road speeds, traffic reports, and roadside traffic cameras.

Waze Traffic AppWaze
A community based mapping, traffic, & navigation app. Use Waze to outsmart traffic, save time, gas money, and improve daily commuting.


cycletracksCycle Tracks

IOS Vresion /Android Version
Bicycle trip tracking tool.

Strava LogoStrava
Track your runs and rides with GPS, join Challenges and see how your running and riding compares with friends.

Real-time transit & bike directions for San Francisco Bay Area.

Go Green

Commute GreenerCommuteGreener
Track your trips and reduce your carbon footprint. Then challenge your friends to do the same.

Free app developed by 511 Contra Costa that pushes air quality forecasts to your iPhone based on a specific air basin that the user can select.

STA_App_Icon_57x57Spare the Air
Spare the Air Day Alerts, air quality forecasts, tools and podcasts.

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