Booster Fuels

Get gas delivered while you work – Sponsored by Bishop Ranch!

Booster is on a mission to eliminate the hassle of the gas station errand by delivering quality, price competitive gas to our customers. To access Booster, simply download the app on your phone. You can access more information a

Available Monday through Friday at Bishop Ranch, make sure to request by 10 am for FREE same-day delivery!

New users: Use code BOOSTER15 to receive $15 off: $3 off your first 5 boosts.

How To Order Gas


Park in your usual spot at work, open the Booster app, and place an order.

Pop your gas tank door and head inside.

Questions or comments?
Email:  [email protected]

Download The App To Your Phone

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See Your Savings

Your digital receipt will include the price you were charged for gas and show how much you saved by using Booster instead of driving to a gas station and pumping the gas yourself.

Text “boost” to 94502 to check on today’s Booster gas prices!

Booster Contacts & Answers

Need more info?

Send us a text at 206-274-0051 for a quick response.

We are open weekdays 7AM-4PM PST (excluding holidays)



Q: How do I get started?

A: Search for “Booster Fuels” in the App Store or Google Play. Download the app, create an account, and add your vehicle information and payment method. Once you’ve done that you’re ready to boost!

Q: How much does this cost?

A: Booster offers price-competitive gas with no commitment or subscription fees. Request by 10:00 am for FREE same day delivery!

Q: When is Booster available?

A: Booster is available Monday through Friday (excluding holidays).

Q: How do you find my vehicle?

A: When you place a request, you’ll pin your spot on a map in the app. We find you based on that pinned location and the vehicle information associated with your account.

Q: How do you deliver gas to my car when it is locked?

A: We ask that you pop your gas tank door and leave it slightly ajar before you leave your car. We’ll shoot you a text to ask you to open it if there are any issues!

Q: Who delivers my gas? 

A: Our experienced commercial drivers love cars and take pride in service done right every time. They undergo thorough background checks, are licensed to drive commercially, and are rigorously trained to deliver gas safely.

Q: How does your price of gas compare to gas stations?

A: Our prices are competitive with local branded gas stations. By purchasing fuel wholesale and efficiently serving whole corporate campuses, we can pass savings onto you.

Q: What types of fuel do you offer?

A: We offer both Regular (87 Octane) Unleaded and Premium (91 Octane) Unleaded. All of our gas is sourced from top quality providers and is of the highest quality in the industry.

Q: What if I need to cancel a request?

A: Not a problem. Cancel your request through the app. You will not be charged.

Q: Where do I park when using Booster?

A: Park in any outdoor parking space. In the app, you’ll see all parking locations where we can deliver highlighted in purple.

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