BR7 Team

Tirelessly our professional services teams pursue the highest level of satisfaction for tenants at Bishop Ranch, the premiere office space in the Bay Area.

Property Management

  • Marisa D’Onofrio

    Marisa D’Onofrio

    Senior Property Manager

  • Wendy Swiers

    Wendy Swiers

    Property Manager

  • Emily Chow

    Emily Chow

    Assistant Property Manager


  • Trevor Head

    Trevor Head

    Site Manager

  • Eriberto Aranjuez

    Eriberto Aranjuez

    Landscape 2


  • Marta Arias

    Marta Arias

    Day Porter

  • Eliseo Guido

    Eliseo Guido



  • Mike Jackson

    Mike Jackson

    Chief Engineer

  • Roy Carauta

    Roy Carauta

    Assistant Chief Engineer

  • Tony Zucconi

    Tony Zucconi

    Apprentice Engineer

  • Jonathan Vincent

    Jonathan Vincent

    Apprentice Engineer

  • Kyle Rainsford

    Kyle Rainsford

    Utility Engineer

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