Bishop Ranch Team

Tirelessly our professional services teams pursue the highest level of satisfaction for tenants at Bishop Ranch, the premiere office space in the Bay Area.

Ranch Wide Landscape

  • Del Fitchett

    Del Fitchett

    Landscape Superintendent

  • Todd Gillies

    Todd Gillies

    Landscape Project Manager

  • Bill Hansen

    Bill Hansen

    Assistant Superintendent

  • Elliott Shaw

    Elliott Shaw

    Assistant Superintendent

  • Ash Hakimi

    Ash Hakimi


  • Alberto Rios

    Alberto Rios

    Renovation Crew Foreman

  • Carlos Guzman

    Carlos Guzman

    Renovation Crew

  • Alejandro Longoria

    Alejandro Longoria

    Renovation Crew

  • Jose Rodelo

    Jose Rodelo

    Irrigation Tech 1

  • Carlos Perez

    Carlos Perez

    Compost Tech 1

  • Hever Roman

    Hever Roman

    Irrigation Tech 1

  • Alonzo Negrete

    Alonzo Negrete

    Utility Crew

  • Melvin Gonzalez

    Melvin Gonzalez


  • Alfonzo Cruz

    Alfonzo Cruz

    Equipment Manager

Ranch Wide Engineering Team

  • Mike Jackson

    Mike Jackson

    Chief Engineer

  • Robert Bassi

    Robert Bassi

    Chief Engineer

  • Roy Carauta

    Roy Carauta

    Assistant Chief Engineer

  • Shane Victa

    Shane Victa

    Assistant Chief Engineer

  • Brad Lyons

    Brad Lyons

    Assistant Chief Engineer

  • Hector Rodriguez

    Hector Rodriguez

    Assistant Chief Engineer

Ranch Wide Janitorial Team

  • Javier Palacios

    Javier Palacios

    Senior Project Manager

  • Alfredo Jimenez

    Alfredo Jimenez

    Day Supervisor

  • Nora Meza

    Nora Meza

    Utility Foreman

Ranch Wide Construction Team

  • Jeannine Kerran

    Jeannine Kerran

    Senior Director of Construction

  • Scott Bergstrom

    Scott Bergstrom

    Senior Director of Interior Construction

  • Thomas Duffy

    Thomas Duffy

    Senior Project Manager

  • Julie Van Sickle

    Julie Van Sickle

    Project Manager

  • Sean Brennan

    Sean Brennan

    Project Manager

  • Samuel Ponce

    Samuel Ponce

    Project Manager

  • Brian Zacharias

    Brian Zacharias

    Assistant Project Manager

Ranch Wide Transportation Team

  • Chris Weeks

    Chris Weeks

    Director of Transportation

  • Shaleatha Caver

    Shaleatha Caver

    Transportation Assistant

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