Express Bus Routes and Schedules

Bishop Ranch tenants can ride all County Connection buses free with a Bishop Ranch Express Bus Pass (BRECO/Clipper Card) Click here to request a pass. The most popular express routes that serve Bishop Ranch include the 92X, 95X and the 96X from Walnut Creek BART and the 97X from Dublin BART. Other popular regional routes include the 21, 35, 36 and weekend service on the 321.  Click here to view current routes and schedules.

Bishop Ranch tenants can ride the Bishop Ranch San Francisco Express bus for $5.50 per trip using the Bishop Ranch Bus Pass. Click here to request a pass. Once you have the pass you need to set up your SF Luxury Bus commuter account here. Enjoy a relaxing commute from the City in the quiet comfort of the Bishop Ranch San Francisco Express Bus, featuring leather seats, tinted windows, air conditioning and a professional driver. Fast, reliable WiFi service on the bus allows riders to catch up on email or the news to and from the office. Every seat has an outlet, so you can even charge your laptop or smart phone on the way to the office! Arrive at work rested, on-time, and ready to start your day at Bishop Ranch.

BART Information

Take BART to Walnut Creek or Dublin and transfer to our free epxress buses for a a 20 minute ride to Bishop Ranch, 96X Walnut Creek BART and 97X Dublin Pleasanton BART.

Visit the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) website to view schedules, fares, real-time departure times and more.

Commute Alternatives

Share The Ride

Park & Ride Lots offer a convenient and safe location to transfer from a single passenger vehicle to a local or regional transit bus, carpool, or vanpool. Ridesharing or using transit saves stress, money and time, helps protect the environment, and conserves energy.

District 4 Park & Ride lot facility map

List of District 4 - Caltrans Park & Ride lots with links PDF

We have several partnerships with organizations that will help you find carpools and vanpools:

Real Time Ridesharing - Carma®: Find a ride in a carpool or passengers for your carpool in real time with Carma® and get $5 instant ride credit. A major promotion beginning in fall 2013 for Bishop Ranch will pay you to participate as a driver. Download the app and get up to speed now so you're prepared for the planned incentive roll out.

Carpool & Vanpool Matching & Formation:

View existing vanpools or create a new vanpool route, on the Bishop Ranch VRide Page or on the Enterprise Ridematch Tool.

Regional Ridematching Database - 511.org: See if a regional match is available for your commute schedule. 

Custom Commute Plan: To request your personal commuting plan, fill out this simple form. A Bishop Ranch representative will send you a custom public transportation plan. For general information, email our transportation specialists.