BR transportation, the best privately sponsored transit program in the United States, boasts a full-time transportation office to save tenants time and money. Tenants are eligible for a variety of transit options and commuter incentive programs, from a free pass on all County Connection routes to a guaranteed ride home in an emergency.

Bus Passes

A free unlimited County Connection bus pass, valid on all Bishop Ranch BART Express routes and all local bus routes is available to employees of Bishop Ranch companies.

Incentive Programs

Preferential Parking Permits for Carpools
Get a Bishop Ranch Carpool Parking Permit and park right in front of your building in the Approved "Carpool Parking Only" spots.

Guaranteed Ride Home
A guaranteed ride home program is available to Bishop Ranch carpoolers, vanpoolers, bicyclists, walkers, or transit users.

DriveNow Carsharing
Bishop ranch employers receive 50% off registration fee.

ACE Train Ticket Sales On Site

Buy a Monthly or 20 Ride ticket using PayPal Using the buttons below we will deliver to your office! Deliveries done Tuesdays & Thursdays 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Choose Monthly Ace Train Ticket

Choose ACE Train 20 RIDE Ticket


ACE Loyalty Rewards Program
Save your used monthly passes to receive an additional free month annually!

Vanpool Incentive
Qualified new passengers receive a 50 percent rebate on their vanpool fare for the first three months.

Vanpool Driver/Coordinator Incentive
New drivers or coordinators who form a new vanpool receive a $1,000 check on their first anniversary of operation.


Contact Us

For more information and/or registration forms for any of the incentives listed here, email us or call us at 925.830.0101.

Some of our transit incentive programs are funded in partnership with the following agencies: