At Bishop Ranch, sustainability means something. Our unrivaled and comprehensive environmental policies enhance your brand, demonstrating that your business participates in sustainable practices. They also benefit your employees, who feel good about working here and enjoying a healthier lifestyle.

Award-Winning Transportation Program
  • Free bus passes valued at $2,000,000 provided annually to Bishop Ranch commuters (April 2010 marked the 3 millionth Bishop Ranch transit passenger)
  • 10,000 single occupancy vehicle trips eliminated from roads daily because of transportation programs, and 15 million gallons of gas saved annually
  • 68 percent of cars driving to Bishop Ranch aren't single-occupancy vehicles, aided by our vanpool and carpool initiatives
  • Premium parking spots for carpool, EV, and hybrid vehicles
  • Electric BMW Car Sharing
  • Bike Share Spring 2014
Green Building

A majority of Bishop Ranch's buildings are Energy Star rated and are in the final stages of LEED Gold certification.

Modern Systems & Technologies
  • More than 3.5 million kilowatts saved per year through energy-saving initiatives
  • 384,000 kilowatts saved by starting janitorial services early
  • Minimal non-emergency lights accidentally left on, due to motion-sensor switching and manual checks
Green Cleaning
  • 100 percent green-certified products used in janitorial/cleaning services
  • More than 200,000 pounds of waste saved annually by using microfiber cloths instead of paper towels
Comprehensive Recycling Program
  • 100 percent of light fixtures reused annually
  • 91 percent of ceiling tile reused annually
  • More than 2 million pounds of grass, leaves and green waste sent to compost annually
  • More than 380,000 pounds of paper, glass, bottles and cans recycled annually
  • 88 tons of cardboard recycled annually
  • More than 22,000 pounds of electronic waste recycled annually
  • An exclusive hotline for tenants to schedule free pick-ups for electronic waste